Discover How To Use Facebook& InstagramLives To Win More Clients

…so it feels as easy as having conversations with friends

Wish You Could Go Live Without Sounding Sleasy

& ForgettingYour Lines?

I Hear You …

& used to feel just like you!

Honestly,  I used to watch everyone else going live & think I'd NEVER go live!

But as a marketer it was just so obvious to me that Facebook™ & Instagram™ lives were wayyy too good to miss out on!

The cost of not going live was just too great to ignore – staying unseen, remaining unheard of, hiding behind graphics and posts was costing me money. I was losing clients to my competitors, and you know what was worse? My competitors were no way near as good as me.

I needed to find a way of going live that would be fun, easy and most importantly, would position me as a leader in my field, connect me with dream clients & drive sales in my business!

I wanted to look professional too. So I committed to mastering the tech, crafting my offer, creating a marketing plan to make sure my lives would be seen, and got super clear on my content & structure.

When I cracked it, I helped my clients to do the same.

To ditch doing ALL the marketing things, to wave goodbye to overwhelm, to laugh in the face of cookie cutter out dated strategies, and to Love Going Live®.

To find a super smart way of marketing that meant they could ditch all the s**t they hate, spend less time on social media and marketing, and more doing what they love – their soul's work.

And I'm here to tell you that if we can do it, you can too.

In Love Going Live® LITE, I've taken five of the modules from Love Going Live® and created a self-study version so you can get started with going live.

The course will be added to each week, starting Friday 23rd October,

and the final week will be added 20th November.

Why You Need To Be Going Live On Facebook™ & Instagram™

It's the algorithm's favourite content

Forget likes, saves & shares. The algorithms value live engagement greater than anything else, which means the more you go live, the more eyes on your content & more conversions at the end of it.

Selling without being salesy

When you go live it really is just like having conversations with friends. By combining the 3 different types of best live content – training, connection & disruptive – you can create demand & desire for your offer without even having to sell.

Golden Opportunity

Views of lives have quadrupled over the last year, yet only 3% of businesses go live daily, 5% a few times a week and 12 % weekly – so what are you waiting for?

Gets the most engagement

People are way more engaged when you go live because they're interacting with you in real-time – so your engagement skyrockets and so does your business.

Your personality shines through

When you show up live you can't be anything but yourself. You can't fake it. It's not going to be perfect. It's raw & real and your audience will love you for it – it's never been more important to be authentic.

More return on effort

If you're up for working smarter not harder then lives are a no brainer. Did you know you can turn one live into 15 pieces of content .. and counting?

Deepens community & connection

Lives build know, like and trust like nothing else. They build a community between your followers and create super fans.

Quick to create

Kiss goodbye to faffing about on Canva creating graphics, and bashing your head against a brick wall trying to write ‘perfect' copy. Grab your phone and go live. Simples.

It's time for a change!

It's no longer good enough to follow outdated ‘create a free Facebook group, nurture the members then sell to them' strategies.

It's time to get off social media, stop scrolling, and use your time on it strategically to make more money.

It's time to stop trying to do ALL of the marketing things, running around like a headless chicken day after day after day.

And isn't it time to wake up and smell the coffee, and know you're better and brighter than falling for the ‘just do what I did to 10x your business' cookie cutter coaches?

It's time to stop hiding and/or winging it

Instead it's time to …

– Have a proven Facebook™ & Instagram™ Live Formula that you can use each time you go live

– Have a clear strategic content plan so you know what your lives are going to be each week

– Understand all of the kit & tech options, and create a set-up that you can trust

– Max out your marketing results & know not only how to get people onto your lives, but how to re-purpose them into different formats & across all platforms to reduce the time you spend on marketing

– Start seeing an increase in sales directly as a result of your killer Facebook™ & Instagram™ live marketing strategy

– Go to the next level with deepening your connection with your audience, and creating a business full of BFFs that buy from you

– Position yourself as the LEADER in your field

– Have consistent enquiries from dream clients only who are ready to work with you right away

– Spend more time in your zone of genius doing what you LOVE instead of hours and hours trying to do ALL the marketing things

Love Going Live® LITE is a self study course, containing five core modules, each accompanied with templates and downloads.

What We'll Cover …

Kit & Tech

You'll never have to worry about what kit & tech to use to go live again.

In this module you'll get:

  • – Video training on how to go live on Facebook & Instagram on your phone
  • – Video training on how to go live on Facebook from your desktop
  • – Video training on how to set up & use StreamYard
  • – A list of tried & tested kit & tech so you don't waste money on gadgets you don't need/that don't work

Content Strategy

There's no point in spending time on marketing if you're not clear on your strategy, so in this module you will get video trainings on:

  • – How to create a list of topics for your lives
  • – How to create a structure for your offer
  • – Map out ideas for your content plan

Content Structure

The video training in this module will show you how to:

  • – Use CTAs to drive traffic to your offers
  • – How to craft your intro to strengthen your unique value proposition
  • – How to create powerful headlines & descriptions to pique interest
  • – Plus you'll also get a Call To Action swipe file, showing you which type of CTA to use when
  • – AND my Love Going Live formulas to download so you can complete one to prep before your live

Content Plan

If you fail to plan you plan to fail – cheesy but true! In this video I'm going to share my 90 day content plan template & re-purposing blueprint with you & show you how to complete it so that

  • – You know EXACTLY what your live will be about each week
  • – You'll know exactly what you're going to post each day
  • – You can create 90 day killer content plan


In this module I'll go into detail on my magic marketing plan that:

  • – Quadruples your live show-ups
  • – Shows you all the steps you need to take to make sure everyone knows when and where you're going live

Is The Course Right For You?

Love Going Live® LITE is a good fit if…

You're ready to get started with going live and want to learn how to use lives to skyrocket your business.

It's not the right time for you to join a group coaching program.

You're a self-starter and you want this info at your fingertips to learn in your own time.

Love Going Live® LITE is not a good fit if…

You want coaching to help you through this course, as it's a self study model.

You want instant results. Building a business takes patience and consistency, and it doesn't happen overnight.




Your investment includes all of these benefits:
  • 5 modules of easy-to-follow pre-recorded training
  • Beautiful members website
  • Downloadable resources
  • Templates
  • Swipes library
  • Lifetime access to the content


When will the course be ready?

Module one will be ready by Friday 23rd October.

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds available on this product.

Will I get any 1 to 1 time with Kerrie?

One to one time with Kerrie is super high value and not included, although you will have the opportunity to book 1:1 support with Kerrie at an additional cost.

How do I know if Facebook™ & Instagram™ lives are right for my business?

Facebook™ & Instagram™ lives are an amazing form of organic marketing for all businesses where you want to build know, like & trust with your audience.

Is VAT included in the price?

Yes that is included, and we will send you a VAT invoice within 7 days of payment.

I don’t have any marketing experience and / or I hate tech – is this right for me?

Yes! This course has been designed to help people just like you, although you will need a basic level of of knowledge of using Facebook™ & Instagram™.

Will I be able to access the course content after the last module is added?

Yes – you will have access to the course for the lifetime of it. If we decide to stop hosting the course at any point, you will be given plenty of notice so you can download the content and keep for future access.

I'm feeling the pinch because of Covid. What if I don't have the money to invest in the course now?

There's never been a more important time to invest in getting support to help you grow your business. This program is a super affordable price on purpose, as Kerrie wants to help as many businesses as possible. However, if now is not the right time for you then we understand.

Do I need to have a basic understanding of how to operate on Facebook™ and Instagram™?

Yes, you need to be able to know how to use the basic functions of both platforms, but you definitely don't need to be a pro. For example, we will expect you to know how to create posts on both platforms.

How much money do I need to invest in going live?

To start with all you need is your phone and an internet connection. And then as your confidence grows & you want your lives to look more professional then you can invest in things like Canva Pro (£8.99) & StreamYard Pro (£20/mth).

But to start with you can use the free versions of these.

Plus you may want to invest in some additional kit such as a ring light, microphone & webcam.

Will I really be able to go live after following this course?

Yes! Absolutely! It has everything you need, and then some, to get you up and running.

Where will the course content be held?

Each module will be released onto my course website over five weeks, starting 23rd October and the final module will be added 20th November.

Love Going Live® LITE Is Perfect For You If ..

  • – You're new to business, and want to learn how to Use Facebook™ & Instagram™ lives to market your business
  • – You're an established business and are looking to optimise your marketing to take your business to the next level
  • – You're ready to ditch trying to do ALL the marketing things and work smarter, not harder
  • – You're fed up spending hours of your life on social media & want a plan to max your efforts and minimise the time you spend on marketing
  • – You want to stop doing s**t you hate, and spend more time doing what you love
  • – You're ready to have a consistent stream of enquiries from dream clients and expand your team to cope with the increase in demand
  • – You want to build a business full of BFFs that buy from you